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My home decor has slowly grown and grown since I moved in over a year ago. We tried pieces, we sold pieces, and switched them out for new pieces. I feel like we’ve finally reached a place where we LOVE how our home looks and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite pieces with you.

One of my favourite corners of my place currently is my reading nook in my room. I just love how this space looks and makes me feel. Although my shelves have been quickly filled with books, decor, and storage, I just love this messy yet organized nook and what it represents.

I’ve always wanted a reading nook in my room and the Eternity Modern Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair fit perfectly in the space. My room is still quite small and I had limited space at the foot of my bed where the bookshelf space was, so this was the ideal armchair that was comfortable yet would fit in my little space!

eternity modern chair in reading nook

I absolutely love how this chair becomes an extra seating space in my living room as well when I have guests. Its beautiful and clean design fits perfectly into the living space. The style is so versatile and moves easily between the bedroom and the living room.

eternity modern chair in reading nook
eternity modern chair in reading nook

I’ve also seen images of people using the chair as dining chairs (which is what it’s intended for I believe). The weathered wood look with the cane would match a variety different textures and materials. Took this lovely photo from the Eternity Modern

Absolutely in love with the chair and I can’t wait to style it more in upcoming content! Highly recommend Eternity Modern if you’re looking for timeless and high quality pieces for your home. They make insanely beautiful reproductions of famous designs and are definitely worth every penny!

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