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People come to LA for different reasons, but my biggest reason is ALWAYS the beach. The fact that I can sit in a bikini on a beach in October is still something that’s hard to comprehend at times. It’s still about 25-27 degrees in LA and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. It’s going to be pretty difficult to want to go back to cold rainy days in Vancouver, but that’s life. At least I have this next week to really enjoy it.

It’s almost tradition for me to make a little trip down to Venice and Santa Monica when I’m here. Most locals prefer quieter options like Manhattan, Newport, Huntington, or Laguna or even heading up to Malibu. But something about the young, hustle and bustle vibes of Venice and Santa Monica draws me back every time. Definitely going to try to make it down to Laguna beach one day this week just to see it but Venice and Santa Monica first.

Love walking around the Venice Canal neighbourhood too. Hard not to want to own a house on the canal. It’s stunning. If you’re in LA looking for photo ops, then I’d say definitely head down to Venice beach and check out the boardwalk or the canals. Both places are STUNNING for photos. And of course, if you walk around the neighbourhood, you’ll find gorgeous Bougainvillea bushes which accessorize photos perfectly.

Head up to Santa Monica during Golden Hour and shoot at the pier too. If it’s not too busy, try to get on the ferris wheel during sunset. That’s a photo op that you won’t want to miss.

I swear every time I come here, it gets harder to leave. But that’s LA for you I guess.

Angel Zheng

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