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It might be that 2018 hasn’t been your best year. Don’t worry, everyone has a bad year from time to time—it doesn’t mean you can’t go on to enjoy a wonderful year in 2019. As there is only 2 months left to this year, now’s a great time to start planning and preparing to be your best self for 2019. Of course, you can always choose to improve your situation, but sometimes the new year mark is a nice milestone to keep you active and happy in your goal setting.

Of course, we all know the transience of new year’s resolutions by now. Not many people actually commit to them, because they’re often boring and hard to implement ideal situations we cannot simply apply to our lives without change. This list will hope to give you the best preparatory tips to help you clean up for the new year in a manner that is lasting, no matter the whirlwind of a year you may have previously been through.


We all have our vices. What matters is how we manage them, and how we prevent them from influencing our lives. Of course, we’re not here to suggest you even have any vices worth addressing. But sometimes, making small efforts towards changing can mean plenty for our daily health. For example, if you’ve noticed you like to stress eat when under pressure, now might be a great time to try change that habit and relieve that stress by going to the gym instead. It might be that you’ve noticed you’ve been drinking after work with a group of peers, and you somewhat wish that would end. It might be you simply haven’t exercised very much this year and have put on pounds as a result, despite not eating much more than usual.

Everyone knows what their biggest personal flaw of the year was, and how it has affected them. It might start with a solid effort such as knowing how to get marijuana out of your system during the week, or perhaps switching out one personal hobby for another. In the long run, small changes like this can accrue and generally help you be your healthiest self in the long run, which is always a wise choice.


Might it be that you wish your friendship groups were a little better? Do you not feel supported, or has an event in your life made you realize that actually, you’re not as close to the people in your life as you had expected? Friendships can be hard to cultivate, but sometimes pruning them and searching for more healthier options could potentially bring your life much more youthful energy, and an appreciation for your own needs.


Too often we can find ourselves living for other people, as in accepting their tastes and interests and insights without question. Might it be you become a little more vocal, expressing your opinions and interests a little more confidently? You deserve to feel your best self, so be sure to venerate yourself from time to time. Sometimes, this can feel like a much needed mental shower.

With these simple tips, cleaning yourself up for the new year is sure to be well worth it and can lead to even bigger impacts in the next year. 


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