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The main question I get whenever people ask about my travels to LA are always “What was your favourite restaurant?” Los Angeles is known for its food scene as much as it’s known for its movies, palm trees, and beautiful people which is why I thought I’d share some of my favourite places to grub in LA.

Great White in Venice

If you’re visiting the Venice Boardwalk or just on the west side for the day, check out the Great White for brunch. All their dishes are health-conscious and the vibe of the restaurant is great! Not to mention it is literally steps away from the beach.


Joan’s On Third

One of my absolute favourite simple brunch places to go when I’m planning on spending the day in WEHO. They also sell pastries and other fares and goodies.



Okay honestly, I’d go here again JUST for the atmosphere. The interior is absolutely stunning and so different from any other restaurants that I’ve seen. The bonus is that the food was BOMB. I had a Kimchi Fried Rice bowl for brunch. Great for brunch and photos.


The Commissary at the Line Hotel

Two words. BLOGGER. PARADISE. If you’re looking for a good eggs benny, amazing lighting, and stunning atmosphere, definitely check out The Commissary. Try to go on weekdays because their Brunch menu changes for weekends into an all you can eat (which in my opinion is not as good).


The Pie Hole in Arts District

I stayed in the Arts District last time that I was in LA, which is how I discovered this place. I had their Shepard’s Pie for breakfast and it was pretty delicious. This is a good place to come if you’re also looking for a place to camp out with your laptop and get some work done as well.


The Stinking Rose

This place is my heaven. The Stinking Rose is a restaurants that uses Garlic as their main ingredient in all their dishes. AKA my literal dream come true. Everything we had here was absolutely amazing. If you’re garlic lover like me, you’re going to be obsessed with this place. “Would you like some food with that garlic?”



This photo doesn’t do Eataly ANY justice at all. If you haven’t heard of Eataly before, it is like an Italian Cuisine heaven. Eataly is a huge Italian food market complete with pizza and pasta restaurants. I first discovered Eataly in New York and almost cried when I found out that there was one in LA. My favourite dishes here are either the Sopressata pizza or the Lasagna.


The Cabana Cafe at The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Cabana Cafe is an iconic part of the Beverly Hills experience. Actually, the entire Beverly Hills Hotel is absolutely stunning, and is to me the epitome of old school barbie doll glam that defines 90210. But not only is it beautiful, the Cabana Cafe actually has really yummy brunch as well. If you can, try to sit in one of the Instagram infamous booths so you can get your perfect photo.


Aghassi Gopchang

Los Angeles is KNOWN for its Korean food and ktown festivities and Aghassi Gopchang has got to be one of my favourite kbbqs that I’ve tried. All of their meats are absolutely amazing (and so is their tofu soup). BUT expect a line up for at least 30 minutes because apparently everyone else in LA agrees with me. There is a really great dessert shop two doors down if you get hungry and want a quick snack, so that’s a plus.


BCD Tofu House

Known for it’s BOMB DIGGITY tofu soups and it’s 24 hour service, BCD is definitely my go-to post night out food place. Unless you’re looking just to grab a quick bite before heading home from a night out (in that case, I recommend the taco trucks), BCD is THE PLACE to go. It does get quite busy, but they do have ample seating so expect a 15-30 minute wait. I’ve been there twice and both times only had to wait about 20 minutes which wasn’t so bad.

Literally almost drooling as I wrote this post. Los Angeles is amazing for it’s food scene and I can’t wait to go back and eat more (is that sad?). Hope this was helpful!

Angel Zheng

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