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Every time I’ve traveled this year, I’ve picked up a little more motivation to do something more with my time and energy. Something about going to different cities and seeing different people grind, each fulfilling their capacity in a different way, has really inspired me to try to discover what it is exactly that I want to do that can be profitable but also make me happy.

Each city that I went to touched me in a different way. Los Angeles made me want to live young and free; San Francisco made me want to work hard; But New York has definitely left the deepest mark.

New York has by far been the most inspiring city that I’ve visited this year. There’s something about the busyness—everyone walking around with a purpose, nobody having time to waste—that captured my heart. Not to mention the amount of creativity and style that everyone exudes…

It’s easy to forget the feeling that a place gave you once you’re back in your own city. But I plan on holding onto this little piece of NYC that I took home with me and trying to continuously apply it to whatever it is that I’m working on.

Loving this bell-sleeve sweater dress from Tobi. It’s actually got a mock-neck neckline which I think makes it slightly more flattering and trendier than a regular crew neck. It is a little short for something to be worn in the winter (especially in Vancouver right now as it is FREEZING), but I think it’s the perfect holiday dress if you’re planning on attending any Christmas parties or events.

I paired the sweater dress with my chunkier heeled booties from Geox. I wanted to offset the girly, body-hugging silhouette of the dress with something a little more badass. Because we all know I’m not a girly girl (nor could I be).

What’s the last place that you’ve been that made you feel some type of way?

Until next time,

Angel Zheng

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