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Although shopping wasn’t the main objective of this trip, we couldn’t help but wander the streets of Soho, heading into stores that caught our eye. Walking around Soho definitely made me wish that I had allocated more money for shopping. I still ended up picking up a few items here and there but that’s for a later post (or maybe haul video?). Other than for the endless boutiques and stores, we also really wanted to go to Soho for the architecture.

Known for its classic, minimal NYC buildings where everyone takes their photos, Soho is definitely the place to go for clean, simple, city shots. We spent both our first day and our second day in the Soho area. Our Airbnb was located in the heart of the Lower East Side (LES) which made it extremely easy for us to head to both Nolita and Soho. Coffee shops, food, and shopping was an abundance in our area and we’re lucky to have stayed in such a prime area for a decent price.

Outfit in Soho New York Shopping in Soho

I wanted to rock my Farlala Skirt on day one in case the following days go colder. Plus it gives off the perfect Gossip Girl preppy vibes that I think suited Soho well. I wore it with my Aritzia black turtleneck by Talula, and my Aritzia Fritz coat by Babaton.

And of course, what’s a trip to New York without some protestors. These guys were camped outside of KITH, protesting the use of animal fur in fashion. That awkward moment when you walk by with a black fur coat… IT’S FAUX I SWEAR.

More soon,

Angel Zheng

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