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It’s my first night in Bali and I’m still kind of in disbelief that I’m finally here. I’ve been on and off planes and taxis for the last two and a half days, so it’s a relief to be settled in. Not to mention my villa is absolutely stunning so there’s that.

But now that I’m in bed, ending my day, I’m tired and a little lonely. This is my first solo trip so I’m excited to be experiencing something new. This year has been all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and this trip was no different. I am missing home and the people that I love but I’ve got a fun day to look forward to tomorrow. I’m putting my feelings aside and am just going to enjoy this trip to the fullest.

A challenge for this trip is definitely going to be creating content on my own. I brought along my film camera this trip to push myself to be more creative and learn to capture a place in a different way. But of course, I am still building my Instagram and YouTube so I’ve got to be actively creating content for those platforms as well. It’s going to be a little bit of a pain trying to split my focus between wanting to capture Bali and needing to create content—but I think I’ll manage.

Being in a totally new place on your own is definitely not the easiest. But I am excited to share with you the full breadth of my experience of travelling alone to Bali and to be able to provide some insight to other solo female travellers. I’m checking out the Tjampuhan Ridge Walk tomorrow morning and will be exploring more of Ubud as well. So stay tuned for some more blogposts soon.

Side note: I had to squat in my bathtub to shower tonight because there was a giant spider on the wall in my outdoor shower. I also have already seen two lizards. So if you’re not about the creepy crawlies, be warned. Bali is not for the faint of heart.

Chat soon,

Angel Zheng

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