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One of the most lowkey days we had in New York City was the day that we explored The High Line and the Flatiron District. Our biggest mistake during this trip? Taking Uber everywhere. Despite popular rap lyric by MadeInTYO, ubering everywhere was probably the least time- and cost-efficient decision we made. Not only did ubering take longer, we also spent a stupid amount of money sitting in the traffic. So here’s another tip for when you travel to NYC: when you’re in New York, do as the locals—take the subway. I swear it’s not as bad as it seems. Plus it’s a way more affordable and convenient solution; both of which is very important in a busy city like New York. There’s literally a subway stop every couple of blocks. Do it, you won’t regret it. 

The High Line is a raised, linear park installation built on the unused old railway trestles from a train that used to deliver commercial goods across New York. The park idea was inspired by the wild plants and flowers that grew on the train tracks once the train had stopped running. Each section of the High Line has now been converted from trestle to public landscape and art installations. 

It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues, with eleven different access stairs/entrances along it

It is a concept unique to NY and is definitely worth checking out. To see such a well-run passion/conservation project that’s preserved and loved by the community is an amazing sight extremely in the concrete jungle. 

From The High Line, we made our way over to the Flatiron district to see the infamous skinny wedge-shaped building that NYC is also known for. We got lucky that it just so happened that the Flatiron building is right in between a Shake Shack and Eataly, both of which were on our “to-eat” list. We started off with burgers at Shake Shack and then made our way over to Eataly for the BEST lasagna dish I’ve ever tasted in my LIFE. 

Italian is my favourite cuisine, which made being inside of Eataly pretty much a dream come true. If I lived in New York, I have no doubt that I’d be there at least once a week picking up some sort of overpriced deli meat or novelty shaped pasta. (I would also just be eating pasta ALL THE TIME obviously). 

The expression on my face is a tell-all. Surrounded by pasta, and never happier. 

I am literally missing New York every single day and dreaming of going back. I will definitely try to go back sometime next year, whether it’s to fulfill my dream of living there for a month, or visiting again for a couple of days. I’ve found someplace I love more than LA, more than SF, and even more than Vancouver. I think it would be an amazing city to grow, learn, and live in. 


Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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