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New York is not only a city that is made of amazing style, movie-moment sights, and great food, it is also rich in so much art and culture that it was impossible to cover all of it in my short 5-day trip. We were aware of the time that it would take to explore each museum or attraction so Vernice and I️ only purchased the City Pass that provided us entry into 3 attractions/museums. We chose to go to The Met, The Museum of Natural History, and Top of the Rock. I️ would highly recommend getting a City Pass if you are visiting New York for the first time. It saves you money on entrance fees and makes it easier for you to enter some of the attractions as there is sometimes a separate entry line for City Pass holders.

My tip for this post? DON’T use your City Pass to enter The Met! The Met is by donation and you can save your City Pass usage for an attraction that has a flat entry fee.

I️ wanted to wear an outfit that represented the chill, effortless New York style that I️ was seeing all over Manhattan, while still looking “boujee”, if you will. My solution? Wear denim, a pajama top inspired blouse, and Dr. Martens—and then throw a fur over it. That was pretty much my solution for bouje-ing up every outfit I️ wore in New York. ‘Throw a fur over it’.

I’ve wanted a pair of Dr. Martens for a while, and I’m glad I️ finally bit the bullet and purchased this pair while I️ was in New York. While it looks like the classic thick leather, 8-eye Dr. Martens, these ones actually have a softer leather than most. I’m super glad that I️ ended up picking these up because they’ve been the perfect boot for the cold shitty weather than Vancouver has been experiencing this winter.

I️ half-tucked my Aritzia blouse into my black denim to further create that “done but undone” look that New Yorkers have mastered. I️ think the tuck compliments the roughed-up vibe that the combat boots give. And then the fur on top ties everything together, giving the look a put-together edge. AND VOILA, my interpretation of a classic “model-off-duty” or “done but undone” New York outfit.

I’m still very much so reminiscing about my New York trip (as you can tell in my blog posts and IG pictures). Hopefully, January will bring some slightly warmer weather which will push me to do something interesting enough to write about in Vancouver. But until then, I️ hope you are enjoying my style and travel tips from New York!

Until next time,

Angel Zheng

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