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During our Banff trip in January, we visited Johnston Canyon via Banff Tours. Since it was winter, we got to experience the amazing ice walk and it was SO worth it. Although you can do the Johnston Canyon walk yourself, I highly recommend going with a tour guide for your first time. Not only was it a great educational tour, they also provide you with ice cleats and hiking poles which are SO important if you plan on doing this little hike in the winter. There are some seriously slippery hills and we definitely witnessed a few people accidentally slipping on them. If you don’t go with a tour, you can rent all the equipment you need in downtown Banff.

You’ll also get a maple cookie snack and hot chocolate at the end of the walk which is such a nice little treat. And if you go with Banff Tours, they’ll come and pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

Already to dreaming of going back. I think Banff in the summer is the next plan.

More soon,

Angel Zheng

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