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Today was the last day of sun for the week in Vancouver. I checked the weather forecast this morning and was disappointed to find little rain clouds over every single day for the next week. A little demotivating but hopefully the gloomy weather just pushes me to be more productive.

To honour the the rare sunny day, I decided to walk around my neighbourhood and just finish off my first roll of film. I recently purchased the Canon ae-1 for my Asia trip so I decided to try to get a few practice rolls in before the real deal. Probably shouldn’t have started off with a black & white film but thought it would be a fun challenge to tackle creatively since I pretty much never deal with black and white or monotone photography. I bought the Ilford HP4 plus if you were wondering. Found some pretty neat buildings in the area so I’m happy I was able to put the rest of my film roll to use.

Also got to shoot for my new PacSun outfit too! This outfit gives me a total 90s mom feel and I kind of love it. The vintage blue mom jeans and then striped cropped cardigan is not only super retro cute but is so extremely comfortable it’s crazy.

I’ve been leaning more towards a comfortable wardrobe and so I love when I find clothes that are cute AND comfortable. Although it is a little sad that the weather outside is just getting colder and colder which means no more cropped sweaters and jeans ):. How am I going to live.

Excited to be running away from the cold soon. Definitely will be bringing this sweater to Bali with me, and jeans to the rest of my Asia trip. Are you travelling anywhere for the holidays?

Angel Zheng

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