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Truth be told, I’ve been doing lots of online window shopping lately. Not actual shopping because you know—bills, life, and adulting stuff. But I still can’t help but browse now and again…It’s summer, and clothes are irresistibly cute ?

So instead of just saving the tabs for days, until I finally come to my senses and realize I don’t need another frilly summer top or pair of light coloured pants, I thought I would just share them with you. Incase there are some of you out there who aren’t trying to budget their entire life and actually have the freedom to buy some nice clothes.

So welcome to my “New In Summer Finds That I Am Loving” article. Or as I like to call it, “Angel Wailing About All The Clothes She Can’t Buy: Episode 1”. ENJOY!

Linen Yellow Pants

Linen-Tencel® High-Waisted Buttoned Pants in Dark Yellow | $89.50

These yellow high-waisted Frank & Oak linen & tencel pants. UGH. I can picture it now…wandering the streets of Rome in this and a cute cream linen tank and adorable kitten heals. A basket bag filled with oranges that I just bought from the market. How cute is that thought ?

AGOLDE 90’S Jean Affair | $288

These adorable 90’s cut jeans from AGOLDE…LOOK AT HOW WELL THEY PAIR WITH THOSE CHUCKS (aka the only shoes I wear now). I’ve been seeing AGOLDE all over YouTube and Instagram lately, and I am 100% also getting sucked into the hype.

Babaton Samuel Linen Blazer $228 & Dara Pant $148

If you tell me this whole outfit isn’t the most stunning summer linen vibe EVER, then you’d be lying. Love how they created such a sharp silhouette with such light colours and textures… and then the black textured bralette just ties everything together perfectly. UGH. what a dream. (Babaton Samuel Linen Blazer and Dara Pant)

Wilfred Christine Dress

Wilfred Christine Dress | $128

This dress, this fabric, this pattern…I am so obsessed. Okay picture this: this dress with these sandals and this adorable tiny purse…such a cute Aimee Song moment. And we all know no one does summer style like Aimee does. ??‍♀️

Le Fou Wilfred Illona Dress

Le Fou Wilfred Illona Dress | $228

I feel like this dress is very much so inspired by Reformation’s sophisticated summer babe style, but since every blogger ever is already talking about Reformation, I thought I would stray from the status quo and show you guys this piece from Le Fou. Le Fou is a house brand by Aritzia, but it’s their limited edition summer brand, which releases collections every new spring/summer season.


DRESS K009 | $58

Oak & Fort actually has some adorable summer pieces this year that strays away from their usual neutral, simple, style. Like this “picnic b*tch” dress (as Ashley from bestdressed would call it). Love the yellow gingham pattern and innocent cut, but paired with a pair of strappy sandals, like in the photo, I think it can still look very elevated and sophisticated.


TANK K002 | $28

This green colour has been all the rage lately and I can kind of see why. With ’90/’00s fashion coming back, the cut and colour of this top fits right in and I think it’s an adorable combination. Plus this muted green actually is a pretty versatile colour. Pair it with blue jeans or any light neutral colour of pants and you instantly get a Revolve level summer outfit.

PANT 3430

PANT 3430 | $68

Speaking of light neutral pants, I think these are SO cute and definitely deserve a mention. Definitely a typical O&F cut, these will still show your figure despite it’s baggy straight legs because it will cinch you in at the waist when worn with a belt.

I feel like these ubiquitous strappy sandals go with EVERY look now, but seriously how cute do they look with these pants? They really bring a more feminine vibe to this work wear silhouette.

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