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Ahhh, summer finally feels like it’s here in Vancouver, and I haven’t worn long pants in a week and it’s been great. While in previous summers, my focus has been in dresses, clothes, and all that, this year I’ve really started to hone in on growing my summer accessories collection—starting with bags.

Bags really do complete a look as well as dictate how functional your outfit is going to be that day. So here are my top picks for the ultimate summer bags this year.

Rattan Crossbody

This Amerii bag has been a go-to so far this summer. It’s the perfect size (fits my wallet, phone, keys, and even my mirrorless camera) and you can loop the strap around the bag twice for a mini bag look.

Ring Handle Bags

The ring-shaped handles have been making a big splash in the fashion world in the last couple of years, and with summer straw bags, it’s not different. I love the shape and structure of this one by Gap, but also love the functionality that the crossbody strap provides. Count on Gap to make a non-functional bag functional.

The Straw Tote

You KNOW how much I value functionality in a bag, and tote bags (no matter what material it’s made of) are usually my go-to’s. I think the straw tote is SUCH a cute summer look. Whether you’re headed to work, to the gym, to the beach, or just out for brunch…this bag will fit all of your essentials and more, and works great as a carry-all while looking cute. Love the leather straps on this one by J.Crew, and the price is pretty reasonable. I think when buying a tote bag, it is worth it to pay a little more for better quality because you’re more likely to carry heavier loads with this bag. Don’t want to purchase a flimsy bag that will break on you halfway through the day!

What are your favourite versions of the straw bag? Let me know in the comments!

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