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I was invited to the opening of new seafood restaurant at Granville Island yesterday, and it was amazing. Seafood has always been hit or miss for me—I used to hate eating it as a kid. But as I’m getting older, I’m starting to appreciate seafood more and more—especially when it’s made right.

One thing I never thought I’d love growing up was raw oysters. But now… Janice and I couldn’t walk away from the free oyster bar. It was amazing.

They also serve a delicious crispy chicken sandwich and have been getting quite a bit of attention for their seafood tray. I’m not really sure how busy they get but Granville Island does get quite a bit of foot traffic during the summer so I imagine it could get quite busy during peak hours.

And can I just say, Popina’s branding is on point. Their entire store is brightly coloured, as is their Instagram. Especially on Granville Island where a lot of the buildings are wooden or concrete, it REALLY stands out and it’s the best thing.

Did I leave the house again with just a bikini top on? HECK YEAH. It’s honestly been way too hot to even think about putting a t-shirt on recently. Wearing a cute bikini top with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts has been my ultimate summer outfit this year. I got this adorable green bikini set from RoseGal. I love bikini’s like this especially for this exact purpose. The whole athleisure street wear look has been trending on an all-time high this season and these tops give off that perfect “sports bra-esque” vibe.

I do however need some new shorts for sure. I’ve been wearing these to death all summer but it’s mainly because they’re the only pair of my shorts that fit me loosely and comfortably. All my other shorts are pretty slim-fitting and that is NOT the vibe I need during this heat-wave.

Angel Zheng

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