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I think I’m finally getting the hang of adding reading back into my weekly schedule, and have been making big leaps as far as reading progress goes. This week I found time to check The Alchemist off my roster. I started this one a couple week’s back and it shouldn’t have taken me this long to finish. It’s a short and easy read but is definitely one everyone should read once.

The book itself reminds me of the book The Little Prince, as it relays messages of following your dream and personal realizations in the form of a magical story. Both these books are ones that can be loved by a child but also by an adult, as each generation will perceive and understand it differently.

My takeaways?

This book speaks heavily on the topic of ‘Personal Legends’ which can loosely be translated to your personal “meaning of life”. It says that everyone has a personal legend—a reason that they live and breathe. When we are younger, the universe tells us about what we’re here on the earth to do, and what we’re going to achieve. But as we get older, different aspects of life start to mould our beliefs and thoughts about what we need to become, and it suppresses all that we know as a child as well as blocks off our communication with our heart and with the language of the universe. 

I think this book resonated with me so much because it’s a great reminder to revaluate what it is my goals and dreams and beliefs really are. It made me want to reconnect with myself—and in turn try to tune in again to what the universe is saying. It’s not easy to achieve this when you have a million other things to worry about, stress about, or contemplate in your life. However, I think it makes the task that much more important.

For a period of time, in the beginning of this year, I took on the challenge of trying to meditate every single day. I unfortunately pushed this task further and further down my “to-do” list before I was able to build a habit out if it. Meditating really helped me connect with myself, with the present, and with my spirituality and this book has re-inspired me to continue this practice.

As I’m trying to consciously learn to listen my own needs and allow myself to feel happy about where I am in life, The Alchemist was a great addition to my own journey of self-discovery and improvement.

Heavy Hump Day topic, oops!

Angel Zheng

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