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Self-esteem is an age-old battle that women all over the world struggle with. Before the existence of internet and social media, it was the flawless women that you saw in magazines and on TV that you compare yourself with. Now-a-days, everywhere you look online, there is another model-esque woman to envy. 

Everyone struggles with their self-image at on point or another. I, myself, have moments still where my confidence falters and self-esteem decreases. It’s important to remember that even those that we look up to—the models, actresses, influencers, vloggers…whoever they may be—have moments of self-doubt and battle their insecurities. 

In this article, I want to share a few tips on improving your self-esteem. Hopefully next time you’re feeling down and in the dumps, you’ll remember these tips and it’ll help you feel better!

1. Be Mindful

Be aware of the moments you have your self-doubt. Whether it’s your thoughts, actions, or negative self-talk—identify these moments. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing our self-limiting talk, especially when we don’t realize we’re doing it. 

If you can become aware of all the moments you are putting yourself down, you can begin to gently remind yourself to do the opposite. 

2. Avoid Comparison At All Costs

As I mentioned earlier, our hyper-connectivity to the world through social media is a huge enabler when it comes to comparison. It’s hard to practice acceptance when everywhere you look there is another woman more successful, more confident, and fitter than you. But you have to remember, that just because someone appears happy, confident, or even content on social media—does not mean they’re truly happy in real life. Everyone puts their best face forward on social, nobody ever shows the bad side. 

The sooner you realize that EVERYONE has their insecurities and NOBODY is perfect, the easier it will be for you to avoid comparison. If you HAVE to compare, use your comparisons as motivation rather than self-deprecation. Shift your energy into you bettering yourself rather than bashing yourself. 

3. Excercise!

This seems like the most redundant solution but it’s one that’s been tried and true. There are many studies that link exercise and higher self-esteem. Whether it’s working up a sweat doing cardio, or making your body a lean, mean, strong machine by weight-training—exercise will help with the release of dopamine in your brain (also known as the happy chemical) which in-turn will make you happier and get you feeling better about yourself. 

For me personally, whenever I stop working out consistently, I notice a huge difference in my mood and how I view myself. Even though my weight and body shape doesn’t fluctuate that much between when I am working out and when I’m not, I generally find myself a lot happier and confident when I am consistently gymming. 

Start With These But Continue Your Search!

There are tons of articles and resources out there that provide even more tips to boosting your self-esteem and improving your self-image. Start with these 3 tips but don’t stop there! Self-esteem is an ongoing battle that you’ll probably find yourself struggling with in more moments than one. As long as you can be aware of these moments and consciously make the effort to remove yourself from that sense of negativity and re-shift your focus and energy to a more positive, self-improving mindset, you’re well on your way to having less and less moments of self-doubt. 

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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