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Being from “beautiful British Columbia” (yes, that is our province’s slogan), I have this innate desire to explore the surrounding destinations because if there’s one fact that’s WIDELY recognized about BC—it’s that it’s one of the outdoor capitals of the world. 

One of the places I’ve been to twice now is Pemberton, BC. Other than Pemberton Music Festival, which sadly is no longer operating, Pemberton has some other highlights that make it WELL worth checking out this summer. So—in efforts to shine an even brighter light on the beauty of British Columbia—here are 5 reasons why you should make Pemberton your next road trip destination. 

1. Camping Sites GALORE

This is definitely the biggest reason why people visit Pemberton during the summer. Surrounded by camp sites like Strawberry Point by Lillooet Lake (okay I know technically this is in Lytton, BC but I can’t possibly be the only one who considers it as a part of Pemby), it’s most Vancouver adventurers’ first thought when it comes to summer weekend fun. 

2. Visit The Infamous Au Naturale Hot Springs

Both times that I’ve been to Pemberton, it’s been to visit the Sloquet hot springs. Even funnier thing is—both times I’ve went was in the Fall/Winter months! Although it seems wild to go off-roading for 2 hours in Autumn just to get naked in the freezing to go into a hot springs, it’s actually the most amazing experience. But make sure you go prepared and don’t make the same mistake I did—take a truck or SUV! And if you care a lot about the cleanliness of your car…well I’m sorry to say…this adventure probably isn’t for you. 

I vlogged last time I went to Sloquet/Pemberton, so definitely check this video out if you want a gist of what it’s all like!

3. One Of The Most Highly-Reviewed Horseback Riding Experiences

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t personally gone Horseback Riding at Adventure Ranch but I still thought I would include it because I really want to. Not to mentioned it is rated 5 stars on Trip Advisor! Their rates are super reasonable as well—for a 2 hour tour, their packages range from $75 for children under 12 to $100 for adults. They take you through open meadows, old growth temperate rain forests, as well as offering you the opportunity to experience several creek crossings. 

Next trip to Pemberton, I’m 11/10 adding this onto the itinerary. 

4. Hiking Joffres Lake or Nairn Falls

You can’t visit a place surrounded by so many natural treasures without doing one of the beautiful hikes. The two post popular ones nearby are definitely Joffres Lake and Nairn Falls. 

Nairn Falls

Just 20 minutes north of Whistler, and located within the boundaries of the Village of Pemberton, just 5 minutes from Pemberton town center, is Nairn Falls Park. This park provides a good base camp for exploring Whistler, the Pemberton Valley or nearby Garibaldi Provincial Park.

It is an excellent overnight stop before continuing onto the Duffey Lake Road or points north or south. The falls are 60 m high and a 1.5 km hiking trail will take you to the viewpoint.

Joffres Lake

Turquoise blue waters of Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre lakes are why most visit—all three of which are located along the trail, and each more stunning than the last. Their striking, saturated blue colour is caused by “rockflour” – or glacial silt – that is suspended in the water and reflects green and blue wavelengths of sunlight. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has opportunities for hiking, camping, mountaineering, wildlife viewing, and fishing.

5. Eating At Mile One 

Attached to the homey Pemberton Gateway Hotel, the Mile One Eating House is known for their amazing comfort food and friendly attitude. And when I say “amazing comfort food”, I truly mean AMAZING comfort food. During my last visit to Pemby, I stayed at the Pemberton Gateway and oh how I regret only eating at Mile One on our last night. They have an amazing selection of top notch burgers, delicious sandwiches, gourmet hotdogs, hearty poutines, and not to mention 7 DIFFERENT MAC AND CHEESES. They really know how to make a girl happy that’s for sure. If you’re just passing through Pemby for whatever reason, save your appetite and make a stop at Mile One. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Are you excited yet about your next adventure?

More soon, 

Angel Zheng

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