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There’s arguably nothing more rewarding than to make a living by starting up your own business. Today’s entrepreneurs are at the forefront of great change. They’re a driving force behind a new face of enterprise. A face that’s technologically led and looks to the mistakes of the past to find new, more efficient, more ethical, and more sustainable ways of operating. A face that rethinks paradigms rather than reinforcing them. Today’s entrepreneurs take care of business… But in so doing, are they taking care of themselves?

Many entrepreneurs work punishing hours which eclipse those of most salaried workers. What’s more, because their careers, reputation, and livelihood are inextricably linked to the performance and wellbeing of their business it’s safe to say that they endure greater stress than most of us too. Is it any wonder that so many bright stars in the business world find themselves burning out and collapsing (metaphorically if not literally)..

Nobody’s saying that you can’t have it all, but if you don’t pay as much care and attention to yourself as you do to your business, you might as well be trying to build a fortified castle on a foundation of sand.

If you hope to take better care of your mind and body you need to ask yourself some very important questions…

How are you sleeping?

With so much on your mind each and every day, it’s understandable that you may not be getting as much sleep as you should. Your body may well be exhausted but your mind refuses to get the memo and works overtime mapping out the coming day and running through your to-do list.

Still, there’s nothing more important for your physical and mental wellbeing than ensuring that you get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. It’s essential for everyone, but especially for entrepreneurs. Sleep is integral in maintaining a good memory and ensuring cognitive performance throughout the day. Moreover, it helps you to maintain a balanced and stable mood and keep your stressors from getting the better of you. It even helps your immune system to operate at peak efficiency.

Thus, when you fail to get enough sleep you’re likely to experience brain fog and lapses in memory as well as being short tempered thereby endangering your harmonious working relationships with employees, outsourced help, and even clients. You’re more likely to fall ill and need to take time away from your business to recuperate. If your business is keeping you awake at night every night, you may need to consider sharing the load which brings us to…

Are you reaching out for help when you need it?

Entrepreneurs are among the most self-motivated people on the planet. They are used to solving problems and, being true autodidacts by nature, teaching themselves the skills they need to solve them when necessary. However, even solopreneurs benefit from help every once in a while. Whether you’re relying on an accountant or bookkeeper to keep your financial affairs in order, manage your tax liability and ensure that you don’t miss out on deductions or handing over more responsibilities to your outsourced help, nobody says you have to shoulder the burden of running a business alone. If you don’t feel that you can safely leave the business in the hands of your employees, maybe you need to give them more training and coaching until you can.

Does your healthcare match your needs?

No matter how well you look after your body and mind, it’s still important to have the right healthcare to suit your needs. Even those who live in countries in which healthcare is ostensibly free can benefit from additional insurance. Check out these Flexcare benefits for just one example. A big part of entrepreneurship is hoping for the best and planning for the worst… That dictum should be applied to yourself care as much as it is to your enterprise.

Do you get out of your chair at least once every 30 minutes?

Most entrepreneurs are like hummingbirds, dashing from point to point throughout their enterprises and ensuring that the machinery of their enterprise is operating as it should. However, in an era where many entrepreneurs’ businesses occupy cyberspace rather than physical space, they can check on their businesses from the comfort of their desk. Nonetheless, for the good of your health it’s recommended that you spend some time out of your chair and away from your desk at least once every 30 minutes.

In an era where so many of us spend our work, commute, and leisure time seated, our attention is drawn to the wide array of ill effects sitting for too long can have on our health. It can impede digestion, damage posture, slow metabolism, increase risk of heart disease and diabetes, and even make us more vulnerable to some forms of cancer. Take some time away from your desk to grab a glass of water or a snack or simply go for a little walk. Speaking of snacks…

Does 80% of your diet come from a vending machine?

Our bodies and brains aren’t powered by calories alone. They need macronutrients like proteins carbohydrates and fat as well as vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep our bodies and minds operating at peak efficiency. If your diet mostly comes in stolen bites from food sourced in a vending machine you certainly aren’t doing your body or your productivity any favors.

Take the time to make, prepare, and pack nutritious home cooked meals that will improve your cognitive performance throughout the day and boost your productivity such as;

  • Berries for long term memory and attention span
  • Spinach for learning capacity and dexterity / motor skills
  • Kale for concentration and focus
  • Avocado for healthy blood flow to the brain
  • Tomatoes—one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories for general wellbeing
  • Almonds to improve concentration by stabilizing blood sugar and preventing cravings

Looking after your mind and body doesn’t require grand, sweeping lifestyle changes… Just regular routine care and maintenance. And you can’t possibly take proper care of your business without first taking care of yourself.

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