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Keeping Fit And Eating Healthy While Travelling*

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December 19, 2017 / By /
Keeping fit and eating healthy while travelling isn’t easy. Flight delays, stopovers, and long flights limit your options when it comes to healthy food and access to fitness equipment. So, what are your options? Nutrition While many countries have restrictions on the type of food you can bring in, nutritional supplements are usually pretty safe. […]

Post Travels Care-Taking : A Guide For Travellers*

AdventureBeautyHealth and FitnessLifestyleTravel
December 15, 2017 / By /
Traveling has been a big part of my life this year, but it can take a toll on your body if you don’t put in effort to take care of yourself. I actually got really sick right before my New York trip from the extra hours I was putting into work and whatever else I […]

Travel For Better Health*

AdventureHealth and FitnessLifestyle
December 6, 2017 / By /
When thinking about reasons to go on vacation, most people’s first thought won’t be the health benefits they can get from it. Instead, most will be concerned with how much time they will get to relax, and how they will manage to do it with life’s issues hanging over them. Today I want to explore […]

Work-Related Stress? Here’s How to Deal*

Health and FitnessLifestyle
November 27, 2017 / By /
It seems like, with all the neat, time-saving technology we have at our fingertips, we should all be doing less work than ever before. However, the promises of the past have not come to fruition, and according to, the average professional in business has between 30 and 100 projects to juggle at any given […]

3 Supplements To Take To Give Your Body A Health Boost*

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November 23, 2017 / By /
  You all lead busy lives. This can mean it is difficult to get every single vitamin and mineral the body needs on a given day. Perhaps you had to skip breakfast to do the school run or work through lunch because of a deadline, either way, you have had to miss out on important […]